Why is Design Thinking so important to modern companies?

I’ll let some numbers do the talking.

56% higher returns for companies that regularly practice design thinking - McKinsey & Company.

71% of companies say design thinking has improved the working culture - Thisisdesignthinking.net

41% of surveyed companies have greater market share due to advanced design practices - Adobe

My Approach for Design Thinking

I believe that companies should focus on innovation by co-creation and engagement. I believe that change doe not comes at once. You need to train the people with new ways of thinking. This will result in new digital innovation and businesses

I generally take participants through different steps of design thinking process. These steps include

Step 1

  • Conduct user research and understand the problem. Involve the stockholders across the board

Step 2

  • Analyse the observations and define the problem. Filter the problems which has most impact

Step 3

  • Generate a range of ideas. No idea is a bad idea.

Step 4

  • Refine the ideas and explore further on good ideas that fulfils the needs

Step 5

  • Test the ideas with the users and evaluate user view points

Step 6

  • Launch the idea and monitor how the solution is used

Why your team needs design thinking training ? 

1. Your team will learn a new skill to solve problems
2. Your team will engage better and address the issues collectively
3. Your team will learn to spend time on understanding the problem
4. You’ll Prototype More and Guess Less

Who’s this for?

Design Thinking is for teams and individuals who want to learn a proven, systematic approach to new product development. The process puts unmet customer needs at the center of the problem, and every step brings you closer to solving the problem.

What you'll learn

- Accelerate the learning by collaborating on business problems
- Diversity of perspectives and help you build an action plan for your organization.

Level One is aimed at beginners who need an introduction to the topic of design thinking.
Level Two is a more hands-on programme targeting to address issues of organization

Level 1

Basic understanding of Design Thinking process

Taking through all stages of design thinking process

Level 2

In depth understanding of the design thinking process

Gain hands-on experience with key stages and methods to address the stage

Focuses on how design thinking can nurture your individual creativity

To practice innovative techniques which can be put to us in participant´s personal or professional life

What other people are saying about the course

Ather provided us with an engaging workshop at Technical University of Denmark. It was absolutely useful for students to learn how to practice the process in their projects

Sheik Talha

Now let’s start doing design thinking the right way in your organization

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Design Thinking is Combining empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success