About Me

I am passionate about digital experiences, and I have primarily delivered experiences for business applications, and also for the end-user application. I believe in design enablement through vision and strategy. I believe in the advocacy of users, however constantly reflecting on business values through the process of development. I value shipping over anything else and believe in the values of transparency and authenticity.



  • I apply hypothesis driven design that considers strategy as iterative design.
  • I solve complex business problems and focus on building “the right thing”
  • I convert human insights into digital opportunities.


  • I apply design thinking to design solutions
  • I am an empathetic design leader, a presenter and sprint facilitator
  • I am accomplished in UX and design craft — conceptual thinking and design prototypes


  • I bring innovation by turning probabilities to possibilities
  • I focus on inclusive participation of different stakeholders to drive innovation
  • I work to seek out interesting and untapped business opportunities

Work Experience

Jun 2018 — Present
Ørsted, Copenhagen
Lead User Experience (UX) Consultant
🏆 Achievements

* Leading UX and Design Thinking of Engineering Agile-Release Train (ART) of Ørsted (09 products)

• Made a UX product benchmark for ARTs and successfully implementing the UX benchmark for other ARTs inside Ørsted

• Taught Design Thinking course internally for more than 2 years and trained 250+ employees with Design Thinking

• Best employee for 2019-2020 for UX team for the work across different projects in the capacity as UX consultant, coach and Design Thinker
Jul 2015 — Present
5 yrs 10 mos
Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen
External Lecturer of Digitalization
🏆 Achievements

• Supervised 30+ master thesis in the area of UX, Design Thinking, Usability, Information Architecture and Digitization.

• Mentored students to be future UX and Design Thinking and Digitalization consultants.
Apr 2017 – May 2018
1 yr 1 mo
Mono Solutions, Copenhagen
Lead UX/UI
🏆 Achievements

• 300,000 websites used the new website editor for updating their websites.

• Moved the team from Adobe Photoshop to SketchApp and developed Design System approach for designing new components.
Jan 2015 – Aug 2018
3 yrs 8 mo
StartupXO, Copenhagen
Freelance Consultant
Provided consultancy as a freelance consultant within UX and Usability for clients.
Clients include Wuxus (DropBoy), Danske Bank, and Bang & Olufsen and UserTribe.

💼 Working Clients

• UX Lead — Wuxus (DropBoy) (1 yr). UX lead, Introducing SketchApp, Building Design system, helping UI designer with crafting the art, doing UX design work, and conducting field tests with truck drivers of Mini Trans A/S, and DSV.  Example video:

• UX Consultant — Bang & Olufsen — (4mo) Conducting UX evaluations and user research for the B&O product support platform.

• UX Consultant — Danske Bank (3m), Usability evaluation and user research of Danske Bank´s new mobile application and ideas generation for new Danske Bank app UI

• User Researcher — UserTribe (1 yr 5 mo). Started to work as user researcher and conducting interviews , usability evaluations, nights of the evaluations for different clients of usertribe.

2013 –  2015
2 years
Norwegian University of Science and Technology | NTNU, Norway
UX Researcher (postdoc)
🏆 Achievements

• The project achieved one of the top 3 innovative EU healthcare projects during those 5 years

• Presented the UX work in 4 conferences and articles appeared in the best healthcare journals

• Written +10 research articles withing UX evaluation, Exercise gaming and technology use

2009 –  2012
9 months
Philips, Netherlands
UX Researcher
🏆 Achievements

• Built a functional prototype of program notification system from scratch and implemented in a IPTV
April 2018
Lumio gets acquired by German company, Influencer DB. Yeww! 🎉

“After this, we both took up golf on during the week and started eating fancy dinners at the local Country Club... Ha. This is not what happened at all. We suck at golf and love eating Guzman Y Gomez.”

Adam, Co-founder of Lumio

June 2018
Dan is shipped off to work with ze Germans as Head of Product at Influencer DB.

Adam decides to stay in Sydney and cut his teeth as a Product Designer with one of Sydney's leading design studios.

Whilst in Germany, Dan worked with with brands such as Daniel Wellington and BMW - Ja!

Adam worked with clients like Vodafone, TAFE NSW, Adobe and also won the 'Good Design Australia' award for his work on the Seatfrog website.

2009 –  2012
9 months
After spending time apart, Dan and Adam begin to plan their next moves and rekindle their business partnership.

The name "Relume" is born.



To relight or rekindle (a light, flame, etc.)

January 2020
Dan moves back to Sydney to join a Global startup incubator called Antler. He convinces Adam to join him.
April 2020
🚀 relume launches
For various reasons, Dan and Adam decide to turn down a $100,000 investment from Antler and start their own business venture, without taking outside investment.

To do this they would have to build a company that would be profitable in its first year. Not the next Uber of *insert clever idea*.

June 2020
After building 11 websites on Webflow in under 6 weeks as a way to test a number of business ideas, Dan and Adam decide to stick to what they know best and launch Relume - a company that designs and builds beautiful Webflow websites.

“Relume was an opportunity for us to build a profitable business, not a startup that bleeds cash, whilst doing what we love to do. It also allows us to learn about all types of businesses and the problems they deal with. These are all opportunities that we could potentially solve for in the future. For now, our goal is simple, we want to build a kickass business which means we really want our customers and the Webflow community to succeed too.”

Dan, Co-founder of Relume